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1950 School Certificate (London) with Matriculation Exemption

1952 Higher Certificate (London)

1962 Entered Cambridge University, United Kingdom, as Ph.D. candidate in Ethology under Professor Robert Hinde

1966 Ph.D. in Ethology, Cambridge University, United Kingdom


From 1960 Behavior of free-living chimpanzees in Gombe National Park, Tanzania

1968-1969 Social behavior of the spotted hyena, Crocutta crocutta, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Tanzania

1967-2003 Scientific Director of the Gombe Stream Research Centre, Tanzania

1972-2003 Director of research on the behavior of the olive baboon, Papio anubis, Gombe National Park, Tanzania

Academic Appointments

1971 – 1975 Visiting Professor, Department of Psychiatry and Program of Human Biology, Stanford University, Calif., USA

From 1973 Honorary Visiting Professor in Zoology, University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

1987 – 1988 Adjunct Professor of the Department of Environmental Studies, Tufts University, School of Veterinary Medicine, Boston, Mass., USA

1990 Associate, Cleveland Natural History Museum, Cleveland, OH, USA

1990 Distinguished Adjunct Professor, Departments of Anthropology and Occupational Therapy, University of Southern California, Calif., USA

1996 – 2002 Andrew D. White Professor-at-Large, Cornell University, NY, USA