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1963 and 1964 Franklin Burr Award for Contribution to Science, National Geographic Society, USA

1970 Stott Science Award, Cambridge University, UK

1974 Gold Medal for Conservation, San Diego Zoological Society, USA

1974 Conservation Award, Women's Branch of the New York Zoological Society, USA

1974 Bradford Washburn Award, Boston Museum of Science (with Hugo van Lawick), USA

1980 Order of the Golden Ark, World Wildlife Award for Conservation, presented by HRH Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, Netherlands

1984 J. Paul Getty Wildlife Conservation Prize, Tanzania

1985 Living Legacy Award, the Women’s International Center, USA

1987 The Albert Schweitzer Award of the Animal Welfare Institute, USA

1987 National Alliance for Animals Award

1987 E. Mendel Medaille from the Deutsche Akademie der Naturforscher Leopoldina, East Germany

1987 Golden Plate Award, Academy of Achievement, USA

1988 Centennial Award, National Geographic Society, USA

1988 Joseph Wood Krutch Medal, the Humane Society of the United States, USA

1988 Award for Humane Excellence, American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, USA

1989 Encyclopedia Britannica Award for Excellence on the Dissemination of Learning for the Benefit of Mankind, USA

1989 Anthropologist of the Year Award

1990 The Anthropology in Media Award, American Anthropological Association, USA

1990 Whooping Crane Conservation Award, Conoco, Inc., USA

1990 Gold Medal of the Society of Women Geographers, USA

1990 Washoe Award

1990 The Kyoto Prize in Basic Science, Japan

1991 The Edinburgh Medal, UK

1993 Rainforest Alliance Lifetime Achievement Award, USA

1994 Chester Zoo Diamond Jubilee Medal, UK

1995 Commander of the British Empire, presented by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, UK

1995 The National Geographic Society Hubbard Medal for Distinction in Exploration, Discovery, and Research, USA

1995 Lifetime Achievement Award, In Defense of Animals, USA

1995 The Moody Gardens Environmental Award, USA

1995 Honorary Wardenship of Uganda National Parks, Uganda

1996 The Zoological Society of London Silver Medal, UK

1996 The Tanzanian Kilimanjaro Medal, Tanzania

1996 The Primate Society of Great Britain Conservation Award, UK

1996 The Caring Institute Award, USA

1996 The Polar Bear Award, National Alliance for Animals

1996 William Proctor Prize for Scientific Achievement, Sigma Xi, USA

1997 Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement, USA

1997 David S. Ingalls, Jr. Award for Excellence

1997 Common Wealth Award for Public Service, USA

1997 The Field Museum's Award of Merit

1997 Royal Geographical Society / Discovery Channel Europe Award for A Lifetime of Discovery

1997 Global 500 Roll of Honour Award, UNEP, Seoul, Korea

1998 Disney's Animal Kingdom Eco Hero Award, USA

1998 National Science Board Public Service Award, USA

1998 The Orion Society’s John Hay Award, USA

1999 International Peace Award, Community of Christ, USA

1999 Botanical Research Institute of Texas International Award of Excellence in Conservation, USA

2000 Reorganized Church of the Latter Day Saints International Peace Award, USA

2001 Graham J. Norton Award for Achievement in Increasing Community Liability

2001 Rungius Award of the National Museum of Wildlife Art, USA

2001 Master Peace Award

2001 Gandhi/King Award for Non-Violence, USA

2002 The Huxley Memorial Medal, Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland

2002 United Nations Messenger of Peace Appointment, USA

2003 Benjamin Franklin Medal in Life Science, USA

2003 Harvard Medical School's Center for Health and the Global Environmental Citizen Award, USA

2003 Prince of Asturias Award for Technical and Scientific Achievement, Spain

2003 Chicago Academy of Sciences’ Honorary Environmental Leader Award, USA

2003 Commonwealth Club Centennial Medallion Award

2004 Dame of the British Empire, presented by HRH Prince Charles, UK

2004 Teachers College Columbia University Medal for Distinguished Service to Education, USA

2004 Nierenberg Prize for Science in the Public Interest, USA

2004 Will Rogers Spirit Award, the Rotary Club of Will Rogers and Will Rogers Memorial Museums

2004 Lifetime Achievement Award, the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), USA

2004 Polar Star Award, Paris, France

2004 Save Our Species Award, Santa Barbara, Calif., USA

2004 Time Magazine European Heroes Award

2004 Extraordinary Service to Humanity Award, The Bear Search and Rescue Foundation, USA

2004 Medal for Distinguished Service to Education, Teachers College, Columbia University, N.Y., USA

2005 Lifetime Achievement Award, Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival, USA

2005 Siemens Academy of Life Award, Austria

2005 Westminster College President’s Medal, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

2005 National Organization for Women’s Intrepid Award, USA

2005 Honorary Conservation Award, University of Iowa, USA

2005 Discovery and Imagination Stage Award, USA

2005 Westminster College President's Medal for Exemplary Achievement, Utah, USA

2005 Pax Natura Award, Utah, USA

2005 Two Wings Award, Vienna, Austria

2006 International Patron of the Immortal Chaplains Foundation, USA

2006 UNESCO 60th Anniversary Golden Medal Award, Paris, France

2006 French Legion of Honor, awarded by the President of France, Mr. Jacques Chirac, and presented by Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin

2006 Lifetime Achievement Award, Jules Verne Adventures

2006 Biophilia Award, Jazzpur Society, Windsor, Canada

2006 Genesis Award, Humane Society of the United States, USA

2007 Lifetime Achievement Award, WINGS WorldQuest

2007 Honorary Medal of the City of Paris, presented by Mr. Bertrand Delanoë, mayor of Paris, France

2007 Roger Tory Peterson Memorial Medal, Harvard Museum of Natural History, USA

2008 Presidential Medal for Global and Visionary Leadership, Montana State University, Bozeman, Mont., USA

2008 Prix de la Fondation Prince Albert II de Monaco, presented to David Lefranc by Prince Albert II of Monaco

2008 Prize for Sustainable Community Development, Weidemann Foundation, Calif., USA

2008 State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations Citation, R.I., USA

2008 Eurogroup Award, Brussels, Belgium

2008 Courage of Conscience Award, The Peace Abbey, Sherborn, Mass., USA

2008 Environmental Education Award of Hebei University of Science and Technology, China

2008 L.S.B Leakey Foundation Prize for Multidisciplinary Research on Ape and Human Evolution (Leakey Prize), USA

2009 United States Department of the Interior, The Secretary’s Lifetime Achievement Award, presented by Mr. Ken Salazar, USA

2009 Minerva Award, USA

2010 Association of American Geographers Atlas Award, USA

2010 International Golden Doves for Peace Award, Italy

2010 Peace Hero, Kids for Peace, USA

2010 BAMBI Award, Germany

2010 NEA Award for Outstanding Service to Public Education, NEA Foundation, Washington, D.C., USA

2011 Order of Merit of the Italian Republic, Italy

2011 Mayor’s Medallion, Lincoln, Neb., USA

2011 Heart of Green Award for Lifetime Achievement,, USA

2011 Focus magazine’s Greatest Personality of Planete Doc Film Festival, Poland

2011 Honorary International Ranger Award, The Thin Green Line Foundation and International Ranger Federation, Australia

2011 Inspirational International Award, The Inspiration Awards for Women, USA

2011 Grand Officer of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic, presented by the President of the Republic’s Counselor Magistrate Dr. Elio Berarducci

2012 Lifetime Achievement Award, The Observer Ethical Awards, UK

2012 Outstanding Harmony Award in Rio+20, World Harmony Foundation, Australia

2012 Anne Marrow Lindberg Award for Living with Grace and Distinction, Huffington Center for Aging, USA

2012 II Monito del Giardino international award, Italy

2012 AARP Inspire Award, USA

2013 Varner Vitality Lecture, Oakland University, Michigan, USA

2013 WildCare Environmental Award, California, USA

2013, Wyland Icon Award, USA

2014 Better Malaysia Foundation (BMF) Person of the Year Award, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

2014 Animal Defence and Anti-Vivisection Society, Person of the Year Award, British Columbia, Canada

2014 Distinguished Lecturer, the University of Iowa Lecture Committee, Iowa, USA

2014 Invercargill Vegan Society Award, Dunedin, New Zealand

2014 BAUM Award, Germany

2014 Look! World Achievement Award

2014 Green Prize Award, Santa Monica Public Library

2014, Recognition of lifelong contributions to wildlife protection from MOTC, Taiwan

2014, World Technology Network (WTN) Award for Use of Technology in Policy, New York, USA

2014, President’s Medal from the British Academy, London, UK

2014, Captain Planet Foundation Exemplar Award, Atlanta, GA USA

2015, Asia Pacific Brand Foundation, The BrandLaureate Legendary Award, Malaysia

2015, Premi Internacional Catalunya Prize, Catalonia, Spain

2015, The Perfect World Foundation, Conservationist of the Year 2015, Stockholm, Sweden

2015, the Orangutan Republik Foundation, Pongo Environmental Award, Beverly Hills, CA USA